Libya: Immigration

A problem that is hard to solve

By: Aly Sklare

            Currently there are over one million immigrants in just Libya alone (BBC News, Libya defends immigration record).  Libya’s immigration problem not only affects them, but other countries in Europe and in Africa as well.  Italy, which used to control Libya, is the most affected.  Like other countries that have immigration problems including our own country, Libya is starting to deal with this serious problem.  Libya is finally getting the financial help they need to start taking control of the issue.  They have also come up with an agreement with Italy to attempt to solve this problem.  It is hard to improve a country if not all the people living in it are not citizens.

            Libya was having trouble solving this problem because they did not have the resources and financial support they needed to take steps in the right direction. Now they are finally getting financial aid from other countries to begin taking steps in the right direction.  “Libya is asking for funding and logistical means for the surveillance of its southern border,” Jacques Barrot told AFP.  When Libya gets funding for what we in America have called border patrol, it will help stop people from coming into their country illegally.  A lot of immigrants come into Libya come from their southern borders and then sneak into Italy from Libya. They do not have border police to patrol their borders as we in America have that prevents many people from sneaking into our country.  Receiving money from the European Union will help Libya obtain access to resources ranging from boats to more officers who could help find illegal immigrants.  A person who would oppose the idea of the European Union giving money to Libya for aid in resolving their immigration problem might say,” because other countries have been having to solve similar problems without aid, Libya should raise their own money to solve this”.  It is very helpful that the European Union is assisting because Libya is one of the countries at the root of the European immigration problem.

            Within the last year, Libya and Italy have finally come up with an agreement to start to resolve this immigration problem.  This situation goes back to the early 20th century when Italy colonized Libya.  When earlier in the month of May, a boatload of 500 immigrants snuck into Sicily, Italian immigration police found them and sent them back to Libya, (Italian MPs back crackdown on illegal migrants).  If Libya had a superior stricter regulated immigration policy, boats of people would not have to be sent back.  Many people die when out on sea making that dangerous voyage.  Italy and Libya came up with a plan to work together to fight the immigration problem.  The Italian government gave Libya a few patrol boats to better monitor the Mediterranean coastline, (BBC NEWS, Libya given migrant patrol boats). Working together to crack down on illegal immigrants will ensure that there is no over population in Italy and Libya and immigrants do not take jobs that could have been offered to local people.

            It is hard to improve a country if not all the people living in it are not citizens.  Libya is entrenched in a major epidemic.  Many other countries similarly can relate to Libya’s situation.  It is very important that they have the financial support that can provide resources to help them solve the crisis.  Italy and Libya are on the same side and have developed a plan that can mend this problem.  The current status is that immigration is still a major issue moving toward a solution but time is required until it is completely resolved.  It has impacted many people living in both Libya and Italy, its former colonizer.  One can say that immigration is a major problem in Libya, but Libya will be seeing a brighter tomorrow. 


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